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The High 5 Program

The Pride And Culture Of Being An Ivy League Camper

Ivy League High Five - Bear Claw

High 5 Program Values:

Ivy League believes that every positive attribute or action we would like to reinforce in our campers can be categorized within these five principles. As part of this reinforcement, we reward campers who show mastery of a particular principle with a bracelet. Each principle has its own color and is written on the bracelet. Once a camper has earned each of the five bracelets, they are rewarded with the Ivy League High 5 pin on stage at the Friday assembly.

What makes the High 5 Program unique and fun is that it isn’t a curriculum or a defined set of milestones that a child needs to accomplish on any specific schedule. Each camper has fun learning each of the five principles in their own unique way and is recognized for their achievement. Furthermore, the program is designed to teach campers to encourage and support their peers in achieving these learning milestones.